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A Secure, Embeddable Video Player with Authentication for Third-Party Customer Websites

Updated: Nov 25

Project Overview & Objective:

Our client has a SaaS platform that enables their customers to create channels and host webinars. It also features a video player implementation. The objective of this project is to

develop an embed system that would allow their customers to quickly copy an embed script and subsequently host webinars on their own websites using that script. In addition to that, our client has expressed a desire to receive analytics data from the embedded video player on their customers' websites.

Technologies Used:

ReactJS, NodeJS and ExpressJS


  1. Moved the current video player into a separate application built with ReactJS, which is called from within an iframe.

  2. Created a separate backend for the player authentication system using Node JS / Express JS.

  3. Created another React JS application, which serves as an Administration portal. This Admin Portal helps customers access the analytics details collected, get access tokens to allow OAuth or SAML authentication, etc.,

  4. Also, we proposed an OAuth and SAML implementation that allows the customers to authenticate the users with their own existing authentication systems. They can choose between SAML and OAuth.

  5. An embed builder, built-in Javascript creates the Embed Script and allows for modifications such as the height, and width of the video player, etc.

  6. The embed builder creates an embed script, which the customer can copy and include in their own website.

  7. The iframe will be called from within the existing client application, replacing the existing video player.


We have successfully completed the development of the Video Player Application, Admin Portal Application, and the Express Backend application in four months and deployed the new solution on our client's websites.

Our solution has resulted in more channel and webinar creation by customers and resulted in a significant increase in customer participation.

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