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Business Analytics with Magento

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

B2B businesses generally have well-defined needs on how they leverage data. By using Magento Business Intelligence, we can easily mobilize Magento Commerce database and integrate with other systems in order to derive data driven decisions swiftly and hence help businesses use their data to grow.

Magento Business Intelligence is a full cycle analytics platform that amalgamates the data from Magento Commerce database, Magento extensions and third-party tools to furnish useful insights that we need to drive business forward.

Some of the distinguished benefits of Magento BI are:

  1. Ability to access and analyze data anywhere using internet.

  2. Prebuilt Integrations with 3rd party data sources and databases.

  3. Use of Rest API to integrate any unknown data source.

  4. Easy means to upload supplementary data into the system.

  5. Automated data replication and synchronization with all connected systems.

  6. Availability of a hosted data warehouse.

  7. Contrtol over selective data synchronization across integrated systems.

  8. Access to powerful tools to leverage data warehouse.

  9. Means to define data to calculate metrics.

  10. Facility to view system summary of all metrics, filter sets and data.

  11. Potential to build as many dashboards as needed.

  12. Intuitive Report Builders.

  13. Tidy Data Export feature.

  14. Comfy access rights and permissions.

  15. Automatic Email reports on time every time.

In summary, Magento BI is not only a marketing tool that can evaluate customer value and establish optimum ways to invest in growth, but also a merchandising tool, that can research vendors and products to help ascertain how to generate sales and grow the customer base with reference to customer behavior and choice of products.

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