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Healthcare Application using Angular and Node JS


Our client is a Healthcare organization that does some research studies on various subjects(diseases) for their sponsors. They are in connection with a group of sites(Hospitals) that provide such specialty care so that they can keep track of each individual patient even if they change their consultation choice from one hospital to another.

1. Challenge:

  • Collect and maintain the patient MBR (Medical Billing Records) in an encrypted format.


  • An application was built using Angular 5 as the Frontend and NodeJS as the backend. The reports would then be generated for the pending and upcoming MBRs/Billings from the sites based on the initial report of Patient Enrollment and Randomization and Index Hospitalization data, which is imported as Excel prior to the receipt of the billing information.

2. Challenge:

  • Generate multiple reports based on sites, MBR overview, Billing status, etc., and the reports were generated with different templates based on roles like Sponsor, RC, and Admin.


  • Functionality has been added to generate multiple reports based on what their requirements are, from the records in the database. For example, a report called “Missing Site CRA”, is generated in both PDF/Excel format with the list of CRAs missing in the participating sites and is forwarded to the respective site RCs. Similarly, another report called “MBR Overview for the Administrators”, which is generated with multiple statuses of the MBRs such as MBR outstanding, MBR needs to be collected, No Index hospitalization and outstanding UB/IT billings, etc.,

3. Challenge :

  • Since this is concerning the data privacy of the patients, it is mandatory that this process and the functionality of the application be compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).


  • Initially, the application was built using AngularJs(1.x)/Nodejs with a Mysql database. Later, the application was upgraded to Angular 5/Nodejs with Mongo 3.6. After the upgrade, the security level of the data storage and the transactions, and the data in rest were encrypted, and also made HIPAA compliant.

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