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Law Firm Application

Technologies: Codeigniter, Angular JS, PHP, MYSQL, Websocket, AWS S3

Project Overview & Objective:

To build a platform for a Law firm. The portal would allow the Staff members of the Law firm to process the required documents which have been uploaded by the clients in the Client Portal. The law firm deals with a list of visa types based on which the portal would help the client to fill in the required forms. The staff members can review the uploaded documents and write the arguments required to send to the USCIS for the visa process.

  • Reason for chosen technologies:

  • The earlier version was built on core PHP (Vanilla PHP)but there were a lot of performance issues. To improve performance we migrated the application to have Codeigniter as the backend and Angular JS to render the frontend. This increased the performance of the application

  • Challenge: Deal with a huge amount of emails and Client upload

  • One of the major functionalities of the site is to store all email transactions securely on the server. To ensure the database does not increase in size, the email content is stored in AWS S3.

  • We implemented a similar process to manage client files in order to increase server efficiency by not dumping all the uploaded data files onto the application server.

  • Challenge: Implement print and merging of PDFs in the application

  • In the application, the forms and uploaded documents need to be merged and printed once it is ready to be sent to the USCIS. To attain this functionality, we implemented the ghost pdf, and LibreOffice software on the application server, and merged the case files into 1 PDF, which would be sent for printing.

  • Challenge: Implement two payment gateways

  • The application allows clients to pay for the services provided by the law firm. There are times where the payment gateway provider would go down due to their internal issues. This would affect the ability to accept payments. In order to reduce redundancy caused by the payment gateway providers, we implemented a logic where if the active payment gateway provider was down for some reason, we would automatically switch to the other payment gateway provider.

Results & Highlights:

  • The efficiency of the platform increased when compared to the previous version.

  • Due to the logic of implementing two payment gateways, the effectiveness of accepting payments increased.

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