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Online Workshop and Symposium platform using WordPress

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MYSQL

Project Overview & Objective:

To build a platform in order to conduct a workshop/symposium online. The Symposium and Workshop would include a total of four keynotes and several lectures, featuring international experts in the fields of medicine such as neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, neuropsychology, radiology, epidemiology, pathology, and molecular biology. The presentations would be pre-recorded and played during the live sessions. The Q&A segments concluding each lecture and the panel discussion at the end of each session would be live, showcasing the video cameras of each presenter, chair, and moderator.

The panel discussions will be conducted by the chair and a moderator assigned to facilitate the interaction with the audience towards a better understanding of the issues.

  1. Challenge: Handling 400 attendees, 10 live sessions

  2. Solution: After an in-depth analysis of the requirements, we recommended developing an application using WordPress, PHP, and MySQL to meet these requirements.

  3. Challenge: To maintain interaction, engagement, and Q&A interaction sessions

  4. Solution: We integrated a plugin called iFlyChat to handle video calling, group chat, Q&A interaction, and polling. As the pre-recorded video streams during the live session, users can post their questions in the chat group and the speaker will clarify those questions during the session. Users can also interact with their fellow participants or speakers in a video call or one on one chat.

  5. Challenge: Ability to take Polls.

  6. Solution: At the end of the session, speakers could start the polling, and the polling results would be stored in the WP database.

  7. Challenge: Improve Application performance

  8. Solution: Earlier, this online symposium was hosted on different hosting. However, there were a few issues with the hosting service and the application performance. We migrated the site to Kinsta hosting, with Kinsta’s caching technique and CDN service we were able to tackle the performance issues.

Results & Highlights:

  • The client was able to measure engagement through the

  • Registration statistics,

  • Attendance,

  • Live viewing as well as

  • Q&A interaction.

  • After migrating to Kinsta, we were able to reduce the load time by 70%.

  • The event had about 350 online attendees.

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