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Progressive Web Applications(PWA)

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a web application that radically improves the quality of the end-to-end user experience by providing a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience.

PWA combines a great user experience without having to give up the reach to get it. Basically combining the best features of native apps with the reach of the web.

Initial Setup:

  1. Install Node

  2. Install Yarn

  3. Run This Command To Create Project ​yarn create @magento/PWA

  4. Start the storefront application by running ​yarn watch

  5. Update environment variables.

Magento theme vs PWA storefront

Magento theme

A Magento theme is a type of Magento component that defines how a store looks. It is deeply integrated with the Magento application and depends on the core Magento code for functionality.

A Magento theme is always built on top of an existing parent theme. Out of the box, Magento provides the Blank and Luma themes that developers extend or customize to create custom storefronts.

All Magento themes inherit from a parent theme. At the top of the inheritance, the chain is the Magento Blank theme, which provides the base files for a theme. Every other theme builds on, overrides, or customizes these files.

Magento storefront application

A Magento storefront application is a progressive web app built using PWA Studio tools.

It is made up of an application shell that exists in the browser and a middle-tier service layer that's between the shell and a headless Magento backend.

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Unlike a Magento theme, a storefront application does not inherit from a parent theme. Instead, the application is composed of React modules that provide different pieces of functionality. These pieces can be swapped out to change behavior or even removed entirely

Why choose PWA for Magento 2 store?

  • Cost-Effectiveness - The expense of developing and maintaining PWA for the Magento 2 store is way cheaper than a Magento 2 website plus a native app for iOS and Android because it’s a cross-platform product.

  • Great Usability - greatest advantage is, it's simple to use. The store owners can get benefits from the PWA systems for their e-stores like Add to Home screen function and offline mode of the PWA itself.

  • Reach More People - With PWA for your Magento store, you can take full advantage of the functions used in applications without being limited to a single layout or format. The users on your site will be able to take advantage of both a web-page and a mobile version of your website.

  • Great for SEO - PWA works like an app and web-page at the same time, so it can provide smooth optimization for mobile user experience, and the page render is remarkably fast.

  • Works Without Internet Connection - With the PWA website, your customers will be able to visit your website without an Internet connection, so the users can easily browse your website from anywhere.

  • High Performance and Instant Load - With the support of the Service Worker, your website load is faster. All the information is cached and shown with or without the internet connection. The page will run smoothly, and most users won’t even see the page loading.

  • No manual updates - With PWA, your shoppers are not worried about notifications to update the app manually as no updates are required for PWA.

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